Renting a Bike
at Kickstand
​We rent hybrid bicycles. The rental includes a helmet and a lock. Rentals are on a first come, first served basis. We require a credit card and photo identification in order to rent. Our rates are as follows:

        1 hour                                    $9
        up to 2 hours                         $15
        up to 4 hours                         $20
        all day (over 4 hours to close)         $25
        24 hours                                $36
        weekend/ 2 days                   $45  
        weekend plus (Fri. eve to Sun.)     $54
        three days                             $60

We also have a selection of road racing bikes to rent. These rentals are by reservation only. Please call (212) 486-0524 if you are interested in renting a road racing bike.  Please note that road racing bikes rent at a higher rate than hybrids.